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Job details Consultant/ Advisor


Contract  · $212,200/year

No. 17 Dr Milina Sumathipala Mawatha, 01000 Colombo, Sri Lanka

Job description


Our Consultants consist of Associates, Analysts, Coaches, Experts, Specialists, Advisors, Architects, Officers, Coordinators, Managers, Editors, Engineers, Scientists, Researchers, Interns, Stewards, Fellows, Directors, Administrators, Assistants, Professionals, Partners, Leaders, Developers, Heads, Paralegals, Lawyers, Leaders, Recruiters, Masters, Accountants, Facilitators, Designers, Vice Presidents, Presidents and many other people who build or support our strategies to achieve our vision. Everyone is our stakeholder as everyone wants us to succeed -- we try to give jobs to help people help us.


At Cyberspace Command, we have created this general "Consultant" job post to encourage any person who is interested in our firm to apply for a job. We would appreciate a carefully worded Cover Letter along with a Resume/ Curriculum Vitae sent as a message using Facebook messenger for our company page. We prize concise, clear and correct information with evidence/ sources attached. After evaluating your application, we'll consider whether and where in our company we can offer you a suitable opportunity. Any and all applicants are advised to apply to this "Consultant" position if they reasonably believe they can add value or work with our business successfully as a consultant to start with. We hope to offer a new job title specific to the role such an employee plays in our organisation. Such as if any applicant applies to this job post, and we hire such a person as a "Consultant" or "Intern" or "Associate", we can perhaps understand he/ she is a "Tax Consultant" later onwards/ based on their interest/ performance, we can then offer a specific role such as "Analyst - VAT" or "Accountant - Accounts Payable". We may immediately offer a specific role besides "Consultant" if we deem it appropriate for us and you. However, please note at Cyberspace Command, our Consultants are very important partners who work on important strategies with our team as our employees.


Consultants are often annual or multi year contract employees, although we can hire full time staff with a signing bonus, shares, profit sharing, perks, etc. We prefer to only work with any person who is able to think critically about business. We only seek employees who can think for themselves decisively. To this end, we have decided to complete this Job Description with 'examples' of what we're looking for:


Examples of Consultant jobs: Consultant, Senior Consultant, Management Consultant, Marketing Consultant, Consultant (Part-Time), Strategy Consultant, etc.


Example of a Consultant job summary: Our fast growing tech firm requires consultants to join our team. We're interested in branching out into new consumer markets and we need guidance on various business operations or processes and other aspects of our plan.


The ideal candidate will have a documented history of ushering other businesses into new growth areas and creating measurable benefits for his or her employers. We operate a fast paced, high energy office where we encourage creative, outside the box thinking. We really cannot stress enough that we depend on high quality thinking to succeed.


Examples of Consultant responsibilities: 1. Create a plan for strategic positioning with the company executives and high-level managers 2. Prepare a written plan that addresses each of our core initiatives 3. Recommend product positioning approaches for each new offering 4. Contribute to our content marketing and brand awareness efforts 5. Prepare marketing and advertising materials 6. Participate in staff meetings dedicated to marketing, advertising and brand enhancement


Examples of Consultant skills: 1. 10+ years' corporate experience, preferably in the tech sphere 2. Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or Communications required (Master's degree preferred) 3. PMP certification in good standing 4. Advanced communication and presentation skills 5. Experience with digital marketing initiatives, including social media 6. Strong analytical skills 7. Excellent research skills 8. Ability to lead large teams and inspire other staff members to think creatively 9. Working knowledge of digital performance metrics


As you can tell, we only want employees who show integrity, are committed, have high intellectual capacity and very good leadership skills. We're a loyal, trustworthy employer. We have never lied, harmed anybody, stolen any money or cheated anybody, and we can't afford to do so because we've got a big family reputation in Sri Lanka. Cyberspace Command is one of the best organisations to join for a promising, modern career and a fair deal. We usually promote from within, support our teams carefully and achieve outcomes as a team. We just need to choose the best people for our strategies. We hope to see suitable applications. Although we don't offer individual feedback on our applications, we promise to judge these applications carefully for you.


Estimated Pay: Rs 38mn LKR per year.