1. Healthcare 

(1) Adopting National Health Service (United Kingdom) Standards

We want Dr Babette Rothschild to offer leadership so our Sri Lanka medical care standards are enhanced to the highest quality in the world.

I think 5 private hospitals (Asiri's 3, Durden's, Nawaloka, ++) are owned/ operated by my friends. We should be able to cooperate with them on this. We can do more to enhance care of other risks next.

Everyone suffers. Buddha was traumatised seeing sickness, age and death. This is a sneaky, clever strategy to teach compassion, empathy, and make our society more humble, happy and caring.

As a defence/ cybersecurity company, we should find ways to understand stress in the workplace, burn out, insider/ employee attacks, and discover why people act the way they do by treating PTSD.

We can help those affected by the war. We can invest in the Samaritans Suicide hotlines. We can do a lot to save as many lives as possible.

(2) Advanced Mental Health 

2. Combating pornography

Again, we want experts like Dr Robert Augustus Masters to take the lead. We can give our young people the resources, tools and help to understanding PMO cycles, and recover from this.

Sri Lanka and socially repressive countries like Pakistan use a lot of porn. 30% of the internet is porn. I have used it, most of my friends have used it and even some girls who are friends of mine use it!

We should tackle this as a cybersecurity company. This is because a lot of computers, networks and clients suffer not because of dark hackers -- but because their people use shady adult websites loaded with malicious software.

It makes good business sense to tackle this.

I also agree with Dr Masters that porn use is caused by shame--we need to fight this.

We'll work with religious leaders, our expertise in technology and influence in Sri Lanka to reach a big audience.

This is also about women's empowerment. We're a family friendly, pro-social company.

A lot of people will be saved, marriages will be saved, children will grow up happier, there'll be less crimes/ malware attacks, etc.

These are the two main CSR programs we're planning.


We also have thought of a few more.


These are:

3. Protecting Animals

This is divided up into two parts:

(a) Farm Animals

We want to give them a good life. We also want to find ways to give them as pain free a death as possible.

(b) Conservation

We want to protect and increase endangered animal populations.

(i) Pets

We like to encourage pet ownership.

(ii) Zoos

We want to make sure all zoos are operating with the high standards set by Singapore's zoo.


4. Nutrition Program

We're hoping to find ways to work with other businesses to ensure everyone gets adequate nutrition.

I bet some foods are very cheap and easy to make and provide at scale.

If the supermarkets are anyway throwing away fresh produce, we could work with them to give fresh produce that is likely to not be sold to schools.


5. Women's Empowerment

We want to promote women's issues so they are respected, effective and not taken advantage of.


6. Rehabilitation Programs

This takes two forms:

(a) Substance abuse

This is easy. We want to legalise and sell drugs via the government, so, that we can control the problem/ danger.

We can begin helping users overcome dependency. They can be better family members as a result.

This will generate tax revenues. It will create new jobs, save money wasted on policing and increase our GDP.

(b) Prison Reform

This is to help prisoners get the best opportunity to turn their lives around.

We hope to release prisoners held for minor crimes. It's a waste of money to keep people who use drugs but have not harmed others in jail.

We're hoping to do what Lee Kuan Yew did, and help pay for and fight pro bono law cases for deserving persons.

There's a lot of innocent people we can help, as they otherwise can't hire lawyers when robbed.

Over here, it's mostly about using modern technology to improve our legal system's operating performance.


7. Accountability

We're building electronic databases that protect life.


8. Resources

We're studying water conservation, water purification, energy, etc.


9. Employment

We want to educate and train people.


10. Conflict Resolution

We want to help people get along.

I hope that these exciting 10 CSR activities sound enticing, as we're happy to fight for these worthy causes.