3. Free World -- G-d Bless Edirisinghe

Free World -- G-d Bless Edirisinghe:


G-d bless Brother Lehan!

Long live Edirisinghe!

G-d save our (Widow's) Son!

By Hook or Crooked Ways,

Let us find Bravery there,

Wisdom and Strength to share:

G-d save our (Widow's) Son!

Oh L-rd, our G-d Arise,

Bring Light unto our eyes,

Raise, up, our, souls.

Love and Empathy,

Happy and Adorable,

Join us in Nobility,

From East to West.

G-d save our gentle Man!

G-d save our noble Child!

G-d save our (Widow's) Son!

Make us victorious,

with minds industrious,

and hearts illustrious,

G-d save our Lehan!