8. Thilanga -- No Chance

Thilanga -- "No Chance":



ONCE UPON A TIME, Lehan Edirisinghe ambushed his mother's brother Thilanga Sumathipala in his house.


His uncle firmly denies any involvement with Sporting Star or Betss.com or Leisure Sports -- or burning down Lakshman Balasuriya's Kandy Lake Club Press rival betting shop with Dhammika Amarasinghe who was working for President Chandrika Kumaratunga.


Lehan asked, "Thilanga mami (uncle), can I please do the cyber security for your betting business?"


Thilanga replied: "No chance!"


Very quickly, Lehan told his cult following, (as Cyberspace Command (Private) Limited might be a real registered company but operates more like a personality cult), about his plans to remove Thilanga Sumathipala from his family.


When he explained it was because he said, "No chance!", a little bit of magic happened.


Aisha told Lehan over "a recorded WhatsApp call" that:


"Lehan, next time he says, "No chance", you tell him..... "


[Soundtrack to Disney's "Hercules"]

If there's a prize for rotten judgement

I guess I've already won that

No man is worth the aggravation

That's ancient history, been there, done that!


Who'd ya think you're kiddin'

He's the earth and heaven to you

Try to keep it hidden

Honey, we can see right through you

Girl, ya can't conceal it

We know how ya feel and

Who you're thinking of


No chance, no way

I won't say it, no, no

You swoon, you sigh

Why deny it, uh-oh

It's too cliche

I won't say I'm in love


I thought my heart had learned its lesson

It feels so good when you start out

My head is screaming get a grip, girl

Unless you're dying to cry your heart out


You keep on denying

Who you are and how you're feeling

Baby, we're not buying

Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling

Face it like a grown-up

When ya gonna own up

That ya got, got, got it bad


No chance, no way

I won't say it, no, no

Give up, give in

Check the grin you're in love

This scene won't play

I won't say I'm in love

You're doin' flips read our lips

You're in love


You're way off base

I won't say it

Get off my case

I won't say it

Girl, don't be proud

It's O.K. you're in love

Oh, at least out loud

I won't say I'm in love