We are Sri Lanka. We write history cautiously. This unique section provides insights into our paradise island.


1. Ancient History [5 mins; Intriguing]

Folklore, Myth and Archeological Excavations.

2. Modern History [7 mins; Context]

Realities since independence, measuring political progress/ setbacks and strategies + data on our economy/ geography.

3. Allegations [5 minutes; Explanatory]

This provides insights into crime in Sri Lanka.

4. National Security [10 mins; Critical]

How we contribute to keeping our people safe.

5. Organisations [10 mins; Market Essential]

Stories behind military, government, policies, banks, telcos, retail, health, energy and larger firms.

6. People [4 mins; Insightful]

Valuable character portraits of political leaders, cultural icons, artists, sportsmen, war heroes, etc.